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At Acepados we help you with planning to save you time and stress

What we need to plan

Staying at Acepados includes completely free assistance in planning your days at the boutique cortijo. Based on our experience organizing meetings, we aim to save you time and stress (#less_cortisol, #more_oxitocin). We want to anticipate the importance of having a good distribution of rooms prior to arrival, how flexible we are with check-in and check-out times (so you can enjoy your time with us to the fullest), how important guest attention and included services are to us, and the relevance of organizing meals for a large group, and how easy and customizable it is.

Finally, we can offer dozens of extras, additions, activities, and experiences to enjoy within the hacienda and its surroundings. We will explain some of the most popular and how we can help you organize, hire, and even develop them.

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 

Find the disconnection in the meadow of Extremadura 




Check in & out


Guest attention





Our suggestion is to assign the rooms before the group’s arrival, to avoid improvisations in their distribution. We will ask you for information about the size and characteristics of your group, such as if you are traveling as a family or only adults. We will explain our standard of rooms and how we can adapt them to the needs of your group.

Remember also, we offer flexibility in check-in and check-out times so you can fully enjoy your stay with us.

  • Number of rooms with fixed double beds: 4, of which two are suites, with capacity for cots / sofas with extra beds
  • Number of rooms with two single beds: 1
  • Quadruple room, consisting of two single beds of 105, and a double bed with a mattress of 180 or 2 bedspreads of 90
  • A multiple room: with a minimum of 6 double and wide bunk beds, where the lower parts are 135 x 200 mattresses, and the upper parts are 90 x 200.
  • Maximum number of guests staying simultaneously: 30.



“Being small is a good thing for our guests because we offer them total flexibility in terms of schedules during their stay at Acepados. Here, you don’t just book a minimum of 2 nights, but rather 3 full days. If it’s a weekend, you can arrive on Friday for lunch at the hacienda and leave on Sunday after dinner. It’s important that we know your estimated arrival times.

We’ll be there to welcome you. We apologize, but this is more than just a rural house, this cortijo includes a range of services provided by our support team. We don’t have 24/7 service like a rural hotel, nor a permanent reception, but we do have assistance available at all times that will try to remain unnoticed among you.”


Once you arrive at the cortijo, you will enjoy the benefits of our professional service with periodic but not continuous attention to our guests. We divide these into the following stages:

  • #checkin: Check-in moment: reception of guests, to make sure we show them our rooms and the domestic functioning of the cortijo
  • #Mornings: During the mornings: assistance to collect and clean some common areas, and especially support during breakfast time
  • #evenings: During all the afternoons: to make sure they make good use of the cortijo and that it meets their expectations, checking the state of the pool, gardens, fireplaces, stoves, boilers and other facilities.
  • #partners: Interrelation with contracted extra services: we will take care of assisting them locally to make sure they enjoy the experiences and services that our team does not develop directly, and know if we could help them with and in front of them at all times.
  • #checkout: The moment of your departure from the boutique cortijo is very important to us. We want to improve every day. That’s why part of our team will be present, helping them to check that they take all their belongings with them, and asking them about their experience.

In addition, we strongly recommend that you download our Virtual Cortijo Guide, as it contains a wealth of details about the house, how it works, what equipment it has, tips before and during your stay, etc.


An experience at Acepados requires enjoying the local cuisine. Whether it’s the delicious dishes offered by the region or the meals and drinks provided by the cortijo, many of the events we organize at the cortijo boutique center around sitting down to eat.

Let us know what kind of group you are in terms of meals, as we have designed Acepados to fully enjoy the food and drink experience. Do you want to cook for yourselves? Would you prefer that we cook for you? Should we organize any cooking experiences? Or would you prefer not to have to cook (or clean up) during your stay at the cortijo? And when it comes to wine pairing, will you let us advise you?

With this in mind, we have come up with a key service to help you organize and enjoy your stay at the cortijo, and especially to reduce the stress of preparation:


#full_fridges: Forget about going shopping to stock up the fridges and pantries at the cortijo. Even more so, avoid having to load and unload the car on two or more occasions. It’s time and worries that you can avoid. Our planning service will assist you and do the shopping for you.

Let us advise you on what you need and you choose what you want to taste. We will make sure that everything is in place upon your arrival, that the beers are cold, that there is ice, that the fresh Iberian meat is in the fridge, that the snacks are organized, that you have a lounge bar with your favorite drinks, ….”



We can offer additional personalized local experiences to ensure that you make the most of your time away from home. From taking in the local cuisine or wine tasting experiences, to enjoying historical and archaeological sites, fitness and wellness opportunities, garden tours, outdoor sports, or wildlife watching, our advisory services are available to make suggestions on how to best experience the local culture.

Below we explain some of them, but please consult us for details on each one:

Culinary adventures:


Nature adventures


Culture and cuisine



Enjoying good food and wine at Acepados

  • #wine_lovers: Love for wines is like love for horses. We will never be experts because there is always more to learn. We organize all types of tastings, both for beginners and wine enthusiasts, sitting in front of our exclusive vineyard, where we will pair these wines with cheeses and even Iberian ham, by sommeliers focused and experts in regional products.
  • #beer_tasting: We have the great opportunity to taste regional craft beers, focused on local products and special pairings.
  • #cooking_classes: Focused on enjoying the most exclusive and produced products of the Iberian pig, in its many varieties of elaboration and preparation. We organize outdoor cooking classes in the area of the cortijo’s gardens, surrounded by the dehesa and with a large table around which to enjoy the demonstration and tasting, enjoying both the food and the company.
  • #starlight_acepados: We are within a protected sky from light pollution, so if we want to enjoy the star show we can organize a private session with our local specialist (https://www.cartaestelartentudia.es/), with or without pairing.
  • #AOVE: We are within an olive grove, it’s something more complex, but maybe you would like a tasting of extra virgin olive oils, or even, if we are in season, actively participate in the manual harvesting of the olive.”


  • #adventure_acepados: on the Los Acepados estate, you will find over 200 hectares (500 acres) of private land where you can go hiking, practice trekking, bike routes, horseback rides, etc. We do it in a sustainable way, not allowing combustion engine vehicles to circulate on our more than 10 kilometers of private roads. We like to enjoy our landscapes in peace. In our Welcome Guide you will find dozens of routes, itineraries and options.
  • #adventure_dehesa: for the most adventurous and daring, we prepare longer and more sophisticated routes and activities, there are a wide variety of opportunities: off-road routes: bicycles, cars, motorcycles, quads and buggies, …. There are many spectacular routes, tracks through the Extremadura dehesa and the rural environment of the Tentudia region. Choose the type of route, select the duration, select the hardness and difficulty …. there are options for beginners and families, as well as more demanding routes. In our Welcome Guide you will find dozens of routes and options.
  • #dehesa_extremeña: Do we want to organize a very special excursion to know the dehesa in Extremadura? participate in certain livestock tasks? the spectacle of the rut in autumn? the hunting of the Iberian pig in winter? a little mycology? natural photography and fauna? We can do it in our cars, prepare a bus to go all together, do it on horseback, organize a bike route or even more adventure if we do it accompanied by buggy experts….


The region of Tentudia holds many wonderful and little-known historical monuments, charming villages, dozens of dining options and services to ensure you feel safe at all times.
  • #Monasterio_de_tentudía: (https://turismocaleradeleo.wixsite.com/calera/historia-monasterio) The highest point in Extremadura is topped by a monastery with over 500 years of history, fully open to visitors. Learn about its legend and history while enjoying its excellent views.
  • #llerena: (https://llerena.org/turismo/patrimonio/arquitectura/) Discover the importance of the city of Llerena as a prominent urban center and first-class political, administrative, and religious hub from the 15th century and especially in the 16th and 17th centuries. This attracted many important artists from the Andalusian school, as well as the creation of numerous local artist workshops, making it a leading artistic center and earning it the nickname “the little Athens of Extremadura.”
  • #ermita_de_ara: (https://virgendelara.es/la-ermita-te-habla). Explore the hidden gem of the mountains, known as the “Sistine Chapel of Lower Extremadura,” the only hermitage in Spain whose interior is completely decorated with ancient paintings, from top to bottom.
  • #regina_teatro_romano: Learn about the ruins of the Roman city Regina Turdulorum, located on the road that connected Emérita Augusta with Hispalis from the 1st century, where its theater from the Emperor Claudius’ era stands out, with a capacity for 1,000 people.”




We understand that in certain circumstances you may want to have access to additional services. In this list, we include some of them (remember that these are special contract services and conditions must be agreed upon beforehand):


If you want a permanent guest service, daily cleaning of rooms and spaces, and breakfast, we can arrange to offer this special option tailored to you.


Whether you’re new to yoga or have a regular practice, stepping onto a mat at Acepados will give you an opportunity to stretch your muscles and calm your mind. We organize group yoga sessions, usually outdoors, taking advantage of the benefits offered by the nature of the dehesa, but we also have an exhibition hall to create an exclusive environment.


Moments like these you’ll want to photograph. If you want a team of professionals to take care of photographing and filming your stay at Acepados, remember to tell us in advance. We have a team of photographers familiar with the cortijo and the dehesa environment.


If you need us to pick you up in Seville, either at the airport or the train station, don’t worry, we organize transfer services


If you’re coming with a group of young children and you want some carefree moments for them, we have a babysitting and entertainment service for the little ones


Acepados is an exceptional place to prepare events, specific workshops, team meetings, professional meetings, corporate presentations, etc. In the section EVENTS we explain how we can operate

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